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Could Your Office Be Cleaner?

Is Your Current Office Cleaner Doing All The Little Things?

We know how commonplace it is for office cleaning services in the Seattle-Bellevue area to become lazy over time. Have you ever arrived to work to hear one of your co-workers say: "Have the cleaners been here?"

If yes, it may be time to contact us.

At Jays Janitorial, we pay keen focus on the details, and we do not allow our cleaning quality to slip, nor do we get complacent over time.

Through the use of quality-control inspections, regular cleaning audits, and dedicated supervisors, we maintain the highest standard of cleanliness for your office. Learn more about our quality standards.

Office cleaning with care

At Jays Janitorial, we know the subtleties of office cleaning, including the importance of employee privacy and personal space. That is why we are careful when cleaning individual desks — removing dust, coffee, and water cup marks — while being respectful of personal items and privacy, and always make sure we leave everything the way we found it (minus the dirt!)

You can depend on Jays Janitorial to do the big things well — but it's the small things that separate us from the competition. We wipe fingerprints off the window glass, dust the vents and the horizontal ledges, wipe keyboards, phones, and handsets, and clean behind monitors.

First impressions matter

Your clients and staff are the cornerstones of your office, that's why Jays Janitorial aims to achieve perfection with every clean we complete. You can rely on our cleaners getting it right every time because we know you can't make a first impression twice.

Suitable for your Seattle Bellevue office

We provide office cleaning services to offices of all types and sizes throughout the Seattle Bellevue metro area, our professionally trained staff are ready to handle any office environment – from small to large offices, or even entire buildings.

Jays Janitorial cleaners work around your schedule and clean outside of office hours to minimize disruption to your workforce. Using efficient personnel, coupled with the latest equipment, Jays Janitorial can tailor an affordable cleaning plan to suit your business needs.

Creating a productive environment

A clean office can improve staff morale, minimizing sick days, and employee turnover, helping to develop and strengthen workplace productivity. We help your office look its best and maintain a healthy and safe working environment through the use of eco-friendly, non-toxic products.

Hassle-free service

An office manager needs to juggle many things — cleaning troubles shouldn't be one of them. Don't waste your precious time chasing cleaners, avoid the headaches, and let Jays Janitorial take the stress out of the process.

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We are always happy to discuss your office cleaning needs in the greater Seattle area. In a seamless process, we can meet you at your office at a suitable time and draw up a quote on the very same day. All our quotes are obligation-free and at no cost to you.

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