Medical Cleaning

Hire the best local cleaners in Seattle Bellevue WA. Jays Janitorial Cleaning Services offers effective and efficient medical and dental cleaning services across Seattle WA.


Medical Cleaning Services Seattle Bellevue

Looking for a medical cleaner in the greater Seattle Bellevue area? Jays Janitorial cleaners are the leading experts in providing high quality, efficient, and affordable cleaning services for medical buildings & offices.


Specialists in Medical Clinic Cleaning in Seattle Bellevue

With over 25 years of professional cleaning experience, Jays Janitorial is your most trusted medical cleaners in the Seattle Bellevue community. Our level of competence and expertise in the medical clinic goes beyond that of just a cleaning service.

We ensure that every detail of your medical practice quality control is enforced to the fullest extent to prevent the spread of viruses and infectious bacteria. 

Jays Janitorial delivers superior medical cleaning services that cover any medical practitioner, including comprehensive medical centers, dental clinics, age care centers, rehabilitation centers, physicians' offices, radiology centers, pediatric clinics, veterinary clinics, and others. Our tailor-made medical services are designed specifically for your medical facility to assess and minimize the level of contaminants. We track, monitor, evaluate, and report sanitation issues to ensure that your medical center is safe at all times.



Why Choose Jays Janitorial for Medical Cleaning?

The qualified team from Jays Janitorial is more than capable of providing top quality cleaning services that ensure compliance with medical clinic cleaning standards. We firmly adhere to the strict rules and regulations set out by the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) for Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Offices.

Our sanitizers and disinfectant cleaning products are specially graded and approved to be used in hospitals and medical practices across the Seattle Bellevue area. The Jays Janitorial team of specially trained medical cleaners has the expertise in safe and proper cleaning procedures that complies with the strict health rules to ensure the safety of and protection of patients, visitors, and medical staff.


Jays Janitorial Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

At Jays Janitorial, we provide customized medical cleaning services that will meet or exceed the safety and cleanliness standards for your patients, visitors, and medical workers. Our tailored medical cleaning services specifically target the following areas: 

  • Entrance, reception, common areas, waiting rooms

  • Offices, meeting rooms, consult rooms, and counseling rooms

  • Nurses consultation and assessment rooms

  • Recovery bays

  • Treatment rooms (X-ray room, examination rooms, surgery rooms, operatories, medical labs, physiotherapy rooms)

  • Toilets and Change Rooms

  • Kitchens, Training Room, and Staff Room

  • Utility and Store Rooms

  • Elevators, Stairs, and Corridors

  • Windows


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