Value Pricing

If you are looking for dirt cheap pricing, that's not us. We may even be the highest priced in some cases.

The majority of our customers come to us after experiencing unresolved issues with their previous cleaner.

Jays Janitorial main point of difference is hiring fully-vetted, well-trained cleaners that do all the 'small things.' We do not compete with the cut-rate, low-end of the market, and focus on more inspections and supervision than the other cleaning companies.

We understand that not everyone is seeking this — we are okay with that. We believe people want to know upfront.

We love our clients, not only do they pay us fairly and trust in us, but they allow us the opportunity to do our best work. In return, we give them our all. When we get paid top dollar, we are under pressure to deliver a top-quality service. We choose and accept it this way.

Regardless of the size, we bring our very best to every building, office, church, childcare center, retail shop, and gym we clean.

To see if we are affordable, here are some rough estimates for office cleaning:

  • Once a week cleaning of a small office: from $60–90 per service
  • Twice a week cleaning of a medium, single-story office: $110–240 per service

All workplaces are different. The above prices are for Seattle-based offices we currently clean. For other places of business such as professional buildings, childcare centers, and gyms, our process for getting a same-day quote is quick and easy. And please know that we are always happy to talk and answer any of your questions.