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Are your office cleaners doing the small things?

Are your current office cleaners making you look bad?

Are all the 'small things' being done with every cleaning service?

Lazy cleaning becomes frustrating.

Ceiling fans covered in dust or window sills covered with 6-months worth of dirt are signs of 'slack' cleaning. These problems may sound trivial and small, but we've found by focusing on the small details, it makes a BIG difference to our Seattle Bellevue customers.

We believe cleaning your workplace should happen in the background. You have enough work to do, and your energies shouldn't be spent dealing with cleaners.

Dusty ceiling vents?

Grimy bathroom sinks?

Scuffs on the walls?

Customers  Jays Janitorial

With 25 years of commercial cleaning experience in Seattle, we've learned what is important to you and your business.

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  • Our cleaners do all the small things when cleaning your property
  • We have No Lock-In contracts -- you have no risk
  • Fully vetted cleaners, we take no chances with your workplace
  • Mobile GPS tracked cleaners with electronic time attendance, so you get what you pay for
  • On-site supervision & inspections ensure your cleaning quality won't decline
  • Fully Insured — you name it, we have it — product liability, public liability, workers comp, lost key

We  Our Customers

"It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times" …therefore, do not torture but please the eyes of your clients.

  • Jays Janitorial has been providing commercial cleaning at my office for over 15 years. The cleaners they provide are the best we have ever had, and their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great commercial cleaning company.
  • Jay and the team at Jays Janitorial are super friendly and have always been available when we needed something.
  • I enjoy having cleaners with which I can easily communicate. It's hard to find a reputable commercial cleaning company that will not try to nickel and dime you. You get what's promised with this company.
  • If you need a commercial janitorial company, Jays Janitorial Services has excellent pricing, and their cleaners are outstanding.
  • Jay's Janitorial has a helpful, trustworthy staff. They are punctual and reliable. Jay and his staff will go above and beyond to please their customer and have been an excellent choice.
  •  First Presbyterian Church has used Jays Janitorial for fifteen years. Our cleaning expectations are high; we feel it is essential to present our building to our members and guests in a pristine condition. Jays Janitorial consistently meets our standards.
  • After doing business with Jay for many years, I never hesitate to call him when the need arises. He explains upfront what the customer needs and the available options. He is proud of his business and stands behind his services and company.
  • Jays Janitorial has been an asset to Edward Jones. They have been my go-to for carpet cleaning for the last three years. Jay is my go-to when looking for commercial cleaning expertise. Give Jay a call!
  • I highly recommend Jays Janitorial Services. Our previous service was unsatisfactory and unreliable. Jays Janitorial is very professional, prompt with appointments, reasonable,  competitive pricing, and friendly, detail-conscious cleaners. Our business always looks and smells fresh and clean.

We  the Earth

At Jays Janitorial, we believe that each one of us can make a little difference through small acts of love for the planet.

That’s why we commit to small acts like using cleaning products and techniques that are ecological, reliable, and credibly friendly towards the environment.

We purposefully source eco-friendly cleaning products that are readily biodegradable and made from sustainablerenewable plant resources.

Our cleaners work directly with our customers to implement recycling and other strategies. Find out more.

Expert Office and Commercial Cleaners Seattle Bellevue

A Permanent Cleaning Team For Your Protection

Our cleaners pass a strict on-boarding process, including police clearance and background checks.

However, the real secret to providing the best cleaning service in Seattle Bellevue is our use of a permanent team

By using a permanent team, we provide the same excellent office cleaning each time and avoid the most common complaint in our industry about cleaners — the feeling that with every staff change, your cleaning instructions are getting lost.

Our Quality Standards Do Not Drop

Regular inspections and on-site supervision at your workplace.

More on-site supervisor time and routine quality control inspections mean we catch problems before you do.

These inspections keep your office from suffering from 'slack' cleaning or standards that decline with time.

How often does Jays Janitorial have a supervisor on-site to inspect the clean?

We have no magic formula. It comes down to knowing our cleaners and their cleaning history. For a new staff member, we have had a supervisor attend ten consecutive cleans, whereas, for our experienced cleaners, we may have a supervisor attend for as little as once in every ten cleans. Jays Janitorial is a small company with a small team; we know our people and the level of support each team (and each job) needs!

We Do The Small Things

Jays Janitorial professional cleaning team has a big focus on doing the 'small things' around your commercial office workplace.

  • Cleaning under your keyboard
  • Behind your computer monitor
  • Window sills and ledges
  • Door handles
  • Scuff and fingerprint marks from walls

Imagine a cleaner that did all that every service.
Your colleagues will love you for it!

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Extend The Lifetime Of Your Assets

Jays Janitorial uses pH Neutral commercial cleaning products that will not damage surfaces.

Why is that is a big deal? Because in the cleaning world it ensures the long term protection of your beautiful hardwood floors and stone surfaces.

At Jays Janitorial, we are sure to avoid products containing ammonia and bleaches while cleaning because they can discolor or damage some surfaces.

Our focus on detail and cleaning expertise also helps protect your fixtures and finishes from damage due to the build-up of dust and grime.

Mobile & Time Tracking

All of our cleaners in Seattle Bellevue are mobile tracked and record their time digitally — in doing so, we ensure you are receiving the cleaning service you pay for and is something we are very proud of at Jays Janitorial!

Mobile GPS technology records our cleaner's movement so that we spend the proper amount of time cleaning your premises. This information includes when your cleaning team arrives and leaves — the data can be forwarded to you, a designated staff member, or a third-party security company.

We Love To Hear From Our Clients. Here Is Why

Our regular internal audits and on-site inspections ensure that our cleaning service does not decline over time, but speaking one-on-one with you is how we serve our clients even better. We want to be sure that we are doing everything possible to make your life easier and keeping your workplace clean and your employees and supervisors happy and healthy.

We listen to you — any feedback you give us is documented, shared with our cleaning team, and obsessively acted upon without delay. Because we believe you shouldn't have to repeat yourself.

Fully Insured To $4 million

For your peace of mind, all Jays Janitorial cleaners are fully insured and covered with the maximum $4 million Product and Public Liability Insurance underwritten by Hartford Insurance to minimize risk for you. Additionally, we protect for extras such as lost keys, and we cover our staff through Washington State Workers Compensation.

What does this mean for you? Simple: Less worry. In the event of any loss, breakage, or accident while cleaning, we're able to take care of it because we have planned forward.

Quality Guarantee

On the odd occasion, you are not fully satisfied with our cleaners' service, we bust out and dust the cobwebs off of our Quality Guarantee.

We can't promise perfection, but we do guarantee to show up and fix our mistakes. We provide you with a list of contact options for business hours, after hours, and urgent situations so that if you are ever not fully satisfied with your office clean, you can reach us at Jays Janitorial 24/7.

No Lock-In Contracts

We don't assume your business.

We earn it – with every clean. That is why we will never try to lock you into a contract when using our commercial and office cleaning services.

Helping Planet Earth One Client At A Time

We have one earth, and we strive to maximize the environmental, health, and social impacts we have upon it.

You can feel confident your cleaner is using products and techniques that have a reduced impact on the planet environmentally.

We purposefully use cleaning products that are ecological, reliable, and credibly friendly towards the environment. Whenever possible, we use eco-friendly cleaning products that are readily biodegradable and made from sustainable, renewable plant resources.

Our cleaners work directly with our customers to implement recycling and other strategies.

Same-Day Quotes

You're in fast company with Jays Janitorial Cleaning Services.

Call us in the morning, and you will have our quote by the afternoon. Our cleaners can be at your office and cleaning for you as early as the following day.